Aquaman: Review (yes, there is an after credits scene)

Aquaman is a film that sets itself apart from most MARVEL and DC films to date.

YouTube TV Outage [UPDATE]

Update: YouTube TV is back online. A YouTube TV outage seems to have begun a short while ago. With the World Cup underway and CNBC’s The Closing Bell currently live, outside of the YouTube app, the present way to watch desired programs is via supporting broadcasters that allow for YouTube TV logins to access programming.Continue reading “YouTube TV Outage [UPDATE]”

Avengers: Infinity War (Review)

Avengers: Infinity War is the latest in a long line of MARVEL films to date. As a sort of culmination of all the solo films, each Avengers title brings a great deal of hype. Infinity War, to this end, does not disappoint. Avengers impressively balances an ever widening cast of heroes, leveraging the build upContinue reading “Avengers: Infinity War (Review)”

Jump Up, Super Star: Cover In Progress

I’ve been working on a cover for Jump Up, Super Star! I’ve never really done a cover before, but I love this song and don’t mind that Nintendo monetizes it. They can have the revenue. I’ll just have fun with it. In other news, we also have a community forum now. It’s in the earlyContinue reading “Jump Up, Super Star: Cover In Progress”