Zechariah is the founder and contributor of Contingency Media.

When I was a young child, I wondered less about what I wanted to do, and more so dreamed about everything I possibly could do. And many things that I couldn’t possibly ever do.

I learned about the tropics early on in my education, and thought about how great it would be if I could collect enough balloons to fly to Jamaica. This was before the movie Up!

It’s no wonder that the Disney Pixar movie ended up giving me so much nostalgia. It captured some essence of that wonder to do the impossible. My dreams weren’t always so far fetched, but they were often quite grand.

I wanted to become an inventor and create something that would solve a big problem and be used all around the world. I wanted to become President of the United States and have an impact on the fabric of everyday society. I wanted to become an author and employ the power of the written word.

As you may tell, these goals became progressively more realistic. The last of these I have so far attained, I have become an author. After much practice, I reached a point of mastery to where I could tell whatever stories I dreamed up. And I even loved reading and writing essays, that which many of my classmates in university so dreaded!

I had focused for so long on becoming an author, it took some time before I realized what I wanted to do next. In the meantime, however, I hadn’t stopped dreaming. Before becoming an author, I achieved many micro-dreams that I didn’t realize I had.

In the range of 10-13 years of age, I was very involved with online communities. I became part of one fan community in particular, and soon saw it disbanded. The adult who maintained it could no longer keep it up. There was some notice, so I started to plan. I started to learn. I sought out what I believed at the time were the best web hosts for communities, and began to learn web administration and all that’s entailed.

I gathered a team of kids who were mostly older than me, in their mid-teens, and set about creating communities. I’ve continued to work on communities and websites to this day, and it’s certainly what led to other opportunities. I built out a campaign website for a family member seeking political office, built a new company website for another family member with a longstanding corporation, and helped a non-profit build out their web presence with social media and streaming of their events.

During my early web design years, I also learned as much as I could about graphics design, game design, film production, and music production. After all, it was important to me that I create dynamic content that would engage my first time website visitors and loyal community members.

I delved into education as well, wanting to help convey everything that I learned to the betterment of those around me. I sought opportunities to mentor and teach, and found more sophisticated opportunities as I grew older. What began as educational web pages grew into volunteer public speaking events and community seminars on writing, marketing, publishing, and cyber security.

My professional life has followed suit with my individual pursuits. I began with opportunities in the service industry, just looking for a start, and soon began exploring my passions in technology sales, technical troubleshooting, marketing, management, education, and instructional design.

Contingency Media is my catch all conglomerate of dreams. It’s focused in a pursuit of creative media that enrich, and versatile in further honing in and specializing.

The showcase pages tell a bit of my story—showing early works and how they developed over time as my skills have improved.

Thanks for taking the time to explore! If you have any questions or would otherwise like to learn more, feel free to visit my social channels and use the email form below.


Founder of Contingency Media