Aquaman: Review (yes, there is an after credits scene)

Aquaman is a film that sets itself apart from most MARVEL and DC films to date.

Project Ordine: Cover Reveal

Updated to reflect date change I recently created this new book cover for Project Ordine, which has an expected release of 28 February 2017. Each element is very important to the story, with a large portion of the story taking place in the city, helicopter action scenes, and another large portion taking place at sea.Continue reading “Project Ordine: Cover Reveal”

A Frog, Food, and Cajun Culture: A Trip to Louisiana

“Frogs, Food, and Cajun Culture…” A rundown of my recent visit to #Louisiana, with pictures!

The Serialization of eBooks: The Rationale Behind The Unknown

Why would a writer choose to split their story into serials rather than a novel or trilogy of novels?

My reasoning is that it provides exposure and a testing ground for daring ideas, allow for greater participation of the readership (through feedback and speculation), and free up time for both writer and reader.