Project Ordine: Cover Reveal

Updated to reflect date change I recently created this new book cover for Project Ordine, which has an expected release of 28 February 2017. Each element is very important to the story, with a large portion of the story taking place in the city, helicopter action scenes, and another large portion taking place at sea.Continue reading “Project Ordine: Cover Reveal”

Project Ordine – Chapter 3: On The Run

Chapter 3 Rosso proceeded down the large hall that lead to the meeting room. This New York City skyscraper had many such halls and rooms, including more than a few secret ones. Two agencies made use of these secret rooms—the CIA and L’Ordine. Rosso’s first meeting was with L’Ordine and he arrived early, taking aContinue reading “Project Ordine – Chapter 3: On The Run”

Project Ordine – Chapter 2: Red As Fire

Chapter 2 Aedus Butler, the late 20s, ginger haired, green eyed Irishman, was in a bit of a sulk. A storm had hit mid-flight, and they were coming in for a landing just before the winds were expected to pick up. Aedus was accustomed to the frequent rains of Ireland, he liked rain, but thisContinue reading “Project Ordine – Chapter 2: Red As Fire”

Project Ordine – Chapter 1: Burnt Burgers

Chapter 1 Rotso Inahka was a man in his forties with black, side swept hair, a tan complexion, and a reasonably muscular build. Among the Junior class, Mr. Inahka was the English teacher of nightmares, and at 6-foot tall, he towered over the class. The nightmares were not to be found in his figure, however,Continue reading “Project Ordine – Chapter 1: Burnt Burgers”