Career Journey: What’s Your Personal Brand?

What’s your personal brand? One of the biggest takeaways, as I’ve had people reaching out and looking at their next career step and landing interviews, is that you can’t underestimate your personal brand. I always thought that this was important, but it also seemed a bit like a buzz-term. Detached from any fundamental best practices,Continue reading “Career Journey: What’s Your Personal Brand?”

The Serialization of eBooks: The Rationale Behind The Unknown

Why would a writer choose to split their story into serials rather than a novel or trilogy of novels?

My reasoning is that it provides exposure and a testing ground for daring ideas, allow for greater participation of the readership (through feedback and speculation), and free up time for both writer and reader.

OBJECTION!: Ace Attorney Series Review

Capcom first introduced the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series with its first release on October 11, 2001. [1] Although it is a popular series, it does not yet have the widespread popularity that similar series such as Mega-Man, or Zelda have been able to attain. The series has showed great prosperity however, even having a shortageContinue reading “OBJECTION!: Ace Attorney Series Review”