Contingency Media

We believe that Creativity lives in Ambiguity

In the most unexpected places, and in the most frantic moments, wonders sprout forth

Throughout the hubbub of everyday life, we bring passion to our work

Abstract pieces allow the imagination to wander. This piece was transformed from a public domain photograph of an explosion. The concept: even in the face of destruction, beauty can sprout forth and overcome. Love always trumps hate. We craft art that tells a story.

Writing style emulative of classic literature meets modern, international adventure to create compelling stories that defy convention. The Detective Games. We tell stories that entertain and enrich.

Tenured Web Administration meets Marketing Sensibilities to create an online presence that invites visitors and analyzes metrics to improve and further engage around a cohesive brand strategy. We tailor digital experiences to unique customer environments.

Storytelling conveyed through video production, narration, thematic music compositions, and creative soundscapes. We tell stories through a wide range of creative media.

We capture fleeting moments through photography on traditional and mobile platforms. We seek innovation through new mediums via augmented and virtual reality that relays greater depth and engagement than ever before.

Consulting and managing distribution for physical and digital media, we enjoy unlocking the potential for international audiences to enjoy innovations in the written word and musical composition.

Education is a great equalizer. It’s the cornerstone of successful enterprise, it builds and fosters strong communities, and allows for even the most idealistic of dreams to be actioned through realistic next steps.