Avengers: Infinity War (Review)

Does it match the hype?

Avengers: Infinity War is the latest in a long line of MARVEL films to date. As a sort of culmination of all the solo films, each Avengers title brings a great deal of hype. Infinity War, to this end, does not disappoint.

Avengers impressively balances an ever widening cast of heroes, leveraging the build up from prior films while further developing characters along with the central conflict. This is what I most greatly appreciate. Moviegoers may come to see their favorite characters, each with a significant, meaningful role. That is, unless you came for Ant Man or Hawkeye, whose roles are virtually nonexistent.

Like prior MARVEL films, Avengers does have an end credits scene. It’s both an easter egg and a continuation of the story, and one I found worth waiting for.

All in all, Avengers is a satisfying round-up of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe to date, with a shocking conclusion that begs the question: how long until May 2019? In the meantime, we’ll have more solo films to explore the post-infinity war climate.

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