Project Ordine – Chapter 3: On The Run

Chapter 3 Rosso proceeded down the large hall that lead to the meeting room. This New York City skyscraper had many such halls and rooms, including more than a few secret ones. Two agencies made use of these secret rooms—the CIA and L’Ordine. Rosso’s first meeting was with L’Ordine and he arrived early, taking aContinue reading “Project Ordine – Chapter 3: On The Run”

Project Ordine: A NaNoWriMo Tale

I have had multiple posts planned for this blog, but little time to write them. This is partially due to the the time being spent on my latest project, Project Ordine. It’s a rewrite of my unpublished 2012 novel entitled, The Labyrinth of Cosa Nostra. This rewrite is being completed during November for National Novel Writing MonthContinue reading “Project Ordine: A NaNoWriMo Tale”