Web Design & Strategy

It started with creating and managing online communities in 2008 and navigating a changing online regulatory landscape for kids and teens, in which demographic I was at the time.

Working with PHPBB web community frameworks, crafting HTML pages, CSS, and basic scripting, unique communities were designed.

Recruiting administrators, moderators, and ensuring a safe space for discussion and creativity were paramount.

In 2010, a daily blog would showcase music, books, and film reviews, photography selections, travel and writing diaries, and creative stories.

Putting that early web design experience to work, I facilitated an overhaul of a family member’s company website and branding.

A fledgling online media presence was dramatically expanded with videos, articles, and social media portals that engaged customers and told a story about the business.

During the pandemic, The Coronavirus Revolution website would be created as a place for positivity.

The idea was to share stories and resources that could be explored while many populations were in quarantine.