Web Design & Brand Strategy

The Present

While maintaining prior projects, 2022 marked a fresh challenge in global scale with Apple.

With a newly launched diversity network association (DNA), I came to support as a lead in web design and graphic design efforts for a new website with ambitious goals.

While the exact details of this work are confidential, it has allowed for the flexing in of skills not only related to design, but communications, stakeholder engagement, cross-company collaboration, talent sourcing, and events management and facilitation.

Note that Contingency Media is not employed as an agency by Apple, Zechariah works for Apple as an individual, and this website and other related works are not endorsed by Apple, nor do they endeavor to speak on behalf of Apple.

The Past

It started in 2008, creating and managing creative-design focused online communities.

But not only that…

…there was a changing online regulatory landscape for kids and teens with COPPA and potential intellectual property impacts with PIPA legislation. This early online environment required adaptability and a commitment to stay ahead of trends.

Recruiting administrators and moderators to ensure a safe space for discussion and creativity was paramount, and partnering with other community leadership teams would prove key to long term success.

Working with phpBB web community frameworks, crafting HTML pages, utilizing CSS and basic scripting, communities were designed with forums, chat boxes, profile pages, news portals, and arcade games.

In 2010, community forums would be complemented by work on a daily blog that would showcase music, books, and film reviews, photography selections, travel and writing diaries, and creative stories.

In 2011, that early web design experience would be put to work, as I created the campaign website and helped facilitate social media for Vern Barrett for Legislature.

The campaign provided the copy for content and I created pages for news, press, a biography, contact form, campaign photo gallery, press portal, campaign calendar, and donations.

In 2017, I would go on to facilitate an overhaul of Executive Cleaning Services’ website and branding.

An early online media presence was expanded with videos, articles, and social media portals that engaged customers and told a story about the business.

Managing a tight budget before scaling was an important factor for this small but growing business.

During the pandemic, The Coronavirus Revolution website was created as a resource for positivity.

The idea was to share encouraging stories and educational resources that could be explored during quarantine.

As the pandemic continued longer than many had initially anticipated, it began to wear down on small, local businesses like Executive Cleaning Services.

The challenge of a brand strategy centered around facilitating understanding and reaffirming customer focus was critical.

Delivered across discovery platforms, such as Maps, Search, website messaging, and the voicemail/IVR system, this campaign would assure customers that they were not forgotten, and humanize the business.

Consistent Messaging with Voicemail Recording