Training & Instructional Design

It began in 2008 with an online moderator and web administrator training program, followed up with a French language learning website in 2009. Training and Instructional Design are the cornerstone of company and organizational success, as learners are equipped with the knowledge to succeed.

In 2015, I led writing, publishing, and marketing seminars. I found a local church that was willing to allow their space to be used, and the event was opened to the community.

In 2020, I produced my first training for a local corporation. The idea was to up-skill team members with essential cyber security knowledge, and also to make a previous employee handbook digitally available. You can see the training and quiz I created here.

While working remotely for Apple in 2020, I facilitated training content and offered support as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for call center teams, In 2021, I transitioned roles and went on to produce training content during a 5-month project for international teams. This was a fantastic, collaborative experience, in coordination with a world-class training manager and media team.

Here at Contingency Media, I’m currently developing an online learning platform to further democratize investment in equities and cryptocurrencies. The vision is for a free-to-use platform without the heavy upselling that usually accompanies such content, but instead monetization through advertising, referrals, and optional donations. As I’m not a financial advisor, all of the content will be for general information purposes only, not advice.