Training & Instructional Design

It began in 2008 with an online moderator and web administrator training program, followed up with a French language learning website in 2009. Training and Instructional Design are the cornerstone of company and organizational success, as team members or general learners are equipped with the knowledge to succeed in the chosen subject area.

In 2015, I led writing, publishing, and marketing seminars. I found a local church that was willing to allow their space to be used, and the event was opened to the community (disclaimer: the information contained herein may be outdated and is for general informational purposes only).

In 2020, I produced my first training for a local corporation. The idea was to up-skill team members with essential cyber security knowledge, and also to make a previous employee handbook digitally available. You can see the training and quiz I created here.

While working remotely for a to-be-unnamed tech company in 2021, I produced training content during a 5-month project for their international staff. This was a fantastic, collaborative experience, as I produced training content in coordination with a world-class training manager and media team.