Project Ordine: A NaNoWriMo Tale

I have had multiple posts planned for this blog, but little time to write them. This is partially due to the the time being spent on my latest project, Project Ordine. It’s a rewrite of my unpublished 2012 novel entitled, The Labyrinth of Cosa Nostra. This rewrite is being completed during November for National Novel Writing MonthContinue reading “Project Ordine: A NaNoWriMo Tale”

Beyond Chivalry: Final Stages

Beyond Chivalry, the upcoming (anticipated 15 July 2015) second installment in The Detective Games serialization, is nearing its final stages. It has gone through initial edits, beta reading, and now it’ll be given final edits, beta read one last time, and formatted for retailers in the next three weeks. Join detectives Leor and Jean as theyContinue reading “Beyond Chivalry: Final Stages”

The Serialization of eBooks: The Rationale Behind The Unknown

Why would a writer choose to split their story into serials rather than a novel or trilogy of novels?

My reasoning is that it provides exposure and a testing ground for daring ideas, allow for greater participation of the readership (through feedback and speculation), and free up time for both writer and reader.

Finding Literary Momentum

Lately, it seems I’ve been losing steam, and have had trouble keeping up with writing deadlines. The motivation just isn’t there. It’s the common condition that writers dread — writer’s block. Earlier this year, I wrote a Goodreads blog post / rant about writer’s block. I noted different writing strategies to consider. However, while jotting down thoughts andContinue reading “Finding Literary Momentum”

Writing with Conviction

With everything I write, everywhere I go, and everything I do, I want to make one thing certain: my conviction is for Love. For Christ Jesus. As I wrote in the Afterword to my first Detective Games serial… “…my faith is what drives me. Not a faith of malice, greed, or pride, but of love,Continue reading “Writing with Conviction”