Unlocking Audiences

Physical and digital distribution have been my passion personally and professionally since 2008.

It began with dreams of writing and publishing books, producing films and photographs, designing graphics, and composing music. I deep dived into all manner of creative media and how to distribute them in a way that would find audiences that would be positively impacted by the discovery.

I learned about curation and the end to end creation and distribution processes for desired media. I studied legal cases and intellectual property protections to get a better grasp for the litigation landscape.

As I felt competent in these areas, I wanted to help others to unlock see their creative dreams to completion and create a distribution strategy for their works. I helped poets, writers, and aspiring musicians work through initial creative and technical processes through to distribution.

I have consulted and created however creators have needed. Whether it’s been designing or finalizing book covers, editing and formatting, and/or ensuring quality standards are met and distributing the end product.