The Early Journey

From elementary school age, there was a passion for creative media. Whether conveyed in elaborate presentations using slideshow software, or an overachiever video production for a high school project, there was always an exploration of how to convert the mundane into the dynamic.

Insisting on finding the right royalty free tracks, or more often as time passed, composing my own in GarageBand and Logic Pro, and coordinating with my peers to get creative camera angles and make the most of limited options, it was an enriching, explorative process in those early years.

Experimenting Across Themes

These passions stemmed off into technology troubleshooting videos, quirky and fun clips, family videos, book teasers, and musical compositions that would showcase self-photographed scenes taken from travels and a selection of royalty free assets. Production value increased with each experiment.

Zoo Video Compilation

Technology Walkthroughs & Reviews

BIGToken: Online Survey Platform Review
Android File Transfer to macOS Troubleshooting

Parody Investigative Videos

Inspired by the host of popular online show, Game Theory, MatPat challenged his fans to get on a concept of a game detective who would challenge his theories. There would be no passing up that opportunity!

Case #4
Case #5

Musical & Photography Showcases

“Jamais Au Revoir”: Never Goodbye
“L’Hiver”: A Winter Theme
“The Game Detective Theme”
“It Can Be Anyone”


Stories told exclusively through sound.

A Story of Sound
Poetic Interpretation