Top Applications (3DS Series #002)

With the speedy arrival of the Nintendo 3DS comes a fairly lengthy wait-time for games, as well as features. The 3DS Web Browser is not yet available, relying on a future update to begin operation. That leaves users with the choice of preinstalled applications, and whatever else comes along with the next update – whichContinue reading “Top Applications (3DS Series #002)”

The Nintendo 3DS (3DS Series #001)

Welcome to the Nintendo 3DS Series! Your source for in-depth information on the Nintendo 3DS! Introduction: An Instant Hit The Nintendo 3DS, released yesterday for North America, has already found its way into many homes in Japan, Europe, and some lucky pre-order’s that were made before the release date. This latest system, abounding with features,Continue reading “The Nintendo 3DS (3DS Series #001)”

OBJECTION!: Ace Attorney Series Review

Capcom first introduced the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series with its first release on October 11, 2001. [1] Although it is a popular series, it does not yet have the widespread popularity that similar series such as Mega-Man, or Zelda have been able to attain. The series has showed great prosperity however, even having a shortageContinue reading “OBJECTION!: Ace Attorney Series Review”