YouTube TV Outage [UPDATE]

Update: YouTube TV is back online.

A YouTube TV outage seems to have begun a short while ago.

YouTube TV on Galaxy Tab S3
With the World Cup underway and CNBC’s The Closing Bell currently live, outside of the YouTube app, the present way to watch desired programs is via supporting broadcasters that allow for YouTube TV logins to access programming. For Fox Sports with the World Cup, you may find YouTube TV here as of this posting. You’ll need to select ‘more’ and then type in or scroll to YouTube TV to get started and authenticate with your Google account.

Sometimes this will be directly through their website or app using YouTube TV details. However, some broadcasters, such as Cartoon Network, do not appear to currently support YouTube TV for login.

YouTube TV has issued a statement on Twitter, acknowledging the issue and stating that they’re working on resolving the issue as soon as possible.


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