Beyond Chivalry: Final Stages

Beyond Chivalry, the upcoming (anticipated 15 July 2015) second installment in The Detective Games serialization, is nearing its final stages. It has gone through initial edits, beta reading, and now it’ll be given final edits, beta read one last time, and formatted for retailers in the next three weeks.

Join detectives Leor and Jean as they journey through France by helicopter – seeing the beauty of the land and listening to the sound of an accordion, fading into the night.

Peaceful as it is, they quickly find that France is home not only to love and lights, but to peril.

The detectives visit Giverny and coincidentally disrupt a diamond heist. They visit Paris, but there’s a maniacal man waiting at the Notre Dame.

In Ireland, Joe and Aedus hunt down their enemy, but they don’t realize the traitor in their midst.

The Detective Games continue.

Published by The Game Detective

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