A Frog, Food, and Cajun Culture: A Trip to Louisiana

I arrived home at about midnight this morning after a 10-day trip in Louisiana. The primary reasons for my visit were to see family, and to work on the third Detective Games entry; although it became a great deal more.

Instead of a linear progression for this blog post, I’d like to try out bullet points!

  • I tried my hand… er, legs, at Irish dancing. My cousins had been Irish dancing for years, and I had come along to support them. Their instructor welcomed me to join in as well. My fencing instructor had always said I should go dancing, and about a year apart from his remarks, I was clumsily thumping across a multipurpose ballet studio.
  • Trekking through Jean Lafitte National Park, I wished I had first put on some bug spray, with the presence of a multitude of mosquitos. But the beauty of the marsh and swamplands were incredible, and afforded the opportunity for many pictures.
A tiny tree frog
A young alligator surfaces near a walkway
  • We visited Destrehan Plantation and took a tour of the grounds, with its grand trees covered in Spanish moss, and learnt of the vast history, including the day to day lives of the household owners and the enslaved, as well as the construction process and architectural functions. At the end, a blacksmith with a heavy cajun accent, demonstrated the use of his forge.
  • The food. Oh boy, the food. The delicious simplicity of red beans and rice, messy po’ boys, savory gumbo and jambalaya, fun flavors with stuffed snowballs, and the mandatory beignets (from Café du Monde) I had to have on a daily basis.
Beignets and powdered sugar! Yum!
Savory gumbo!
  • The French Quarter was a fun experience, with sights to see, a banana smoothie in hand, and trinkets to be had in the market.
The Jackson equestrian statue

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8 thoughts on “A Frog, Food, and Cajun Culture: A Trip to Louisiana

  1. I love the summary of your trip. You put such a positive spin on the mosquitoes in the marsh! What about the multitude of spiders and their webs over the walkways:) It was great having you here!

    1. Thanks! Oh yes, the spiders went without mentioning in this post, but I’ve mentioned them hand in hand with Jean Lafitte whenever asked about the trip. There were an incredible amount of them, for sure. Thanks again! It was great to finally visit.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, Gabrielle! 🙂 I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I think I’ll try more posts like this. They take less time and are fun to write.

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