Writing with Conviction

With everything I write, everywhere I go, and everything I do, I want to make one thing certain: my conviction is for Love. For Christ Jesus. As I wrote in the Afterword to my first Detective Games serial…

“…my faith is what drives me. Not a faith of malice, greed, or pride, but of love, compassion, and unity.”

At school, I’ve often made this clear. When controversial topics arise, I make my stand, and whether or not others agree with me, (more often than not) they still get along with me. In some circles, my faith will inevitably be loathed, no matter the approach. It’s the nature of things, and I am prepared for that eventuality.

However, when I can write things that others may enjoy, regardless of beliefs or backgrounds, I relish that opportunity. Because my goal isn’t to gain as many enemies as I can, but to convey my convictions with integrity, and to share my heart, and the heart of my Savior, with others.

As I wrote a short while ago on a thread at Goodreads:

“No matter how you write, set your heart on something that matters, and it will touch someone. And whether or not it has an impact on anyone else doesn’t matter. If you affect one reader, then you’ve done an amazing thing. It’s not the writing that counts, but the conviction that backs it. So embrace your convictions, and write with confidence. You will get better. And even as you improve, you may have the chance to impact someone’s life with your stories.”

With that, I welcome you to The Contingency Writer blog.

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